Minutes – November 5, 2018

(as submitted)Members present: Anne Benson, Amy Welden, Lee Hallberg, Wayne Wooley, Laurie Webster, Tulli Kerstetter, Koko Smith

1. Call to order 7:05 pm

2. Minutes from previous meeting accepted as sent out via email.

3. Guest requests  — none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence — none

6. Financial report.  Deposits were from the following: Amazon Smile, Englehart cards, in-library book sales, donation box, membership, and Paypal for an Englehart poster.  There was a single withdrawal of $1500 to the library for purchase of a digital tv system.  The total balance for October is $9260.73.  Laurie suggested the Board put some of that money into an interest-earning account but since the CD rates are abysmal, she opted to open a money market account.  Lee reported that there is a large amount of paperwork that needs to be undertaken for prepayment on the library’s loan, so he would like to receive any prepayment from Friends in two-year increments, making a payment at the end of 2019 instead of this year.  It was informally agreed by the Board that somewhere around $5000 be put into a money market by the end of this year at Dolores State Bank.  Laurie will find out more details and inform the Board. The Board approved her report.  (Read the report here.)

7. Librarian’s report — Lee reported on several items of interest (see report for details).  Unfortunately some vandals have scraped off some of the wording on the donor plaque which was just recently attached to the donor picnic table.  A game cam — which will be installed soon — will be installed to provide surveillance after hours to see who is damaging the plaque.  Discussion over this incident revolved around the possibility that the plaque may need to be either covered with plexiglass or moved to prevent further damage.  Other items in the report included comments on three more programs remaining in the year, the mystery dinner for selected fundraisers, the 1st Community Conversation for Strategic Planning, and plans for the annual year-end fundraising letter.  Friends will once again have a separate fundraising letter included which itemizes how the organization has contributed to the library.  Lee also requested funds for the Lego League ($330) and the year-end financial appeal to benefactors ($1700).  The Lego League consists of a group of students 9 to 12 years old who build and program a Lego robot and compete with other groups throughout the country.  $280 of the $330 is for team registration and $50 for t-shirts for the five member team  Parents have provided the tournament entrance fees.   With regard to the fundraising letters, Amy suggested a different colored paper on which to print the Friends letter to help identify Friends as a separate fundraising entity from the library.  Both financial requests were approved. (Read the report here.)

Fall fund/Friend-raising dinner? — This dinner was the Mystery Theatre Dinner ‘Fun’draiser’ alluded to in the Librarian’s report (see Librarian’s report).

8. Book Store Report — Joan was not able to attend this meeting so no report was given.

9. Old business

Storage shed for snowblower and gasoline.  Lee got information from the town on setbacks, etc., and found out that there is not enough room for a shed except near the beehive enclosure off the north end of the building.   He also had concerns about rodent proofing.  Lee will see about the size of the lot to verify there is enough room for a shed, and Tulli will check online prices for a shed in the 10×10 range.

10. New business

End-of-year donation/membership letter — see above

Donation for smart tv and/or internet switch — Lee brought in the 70-inch digital tv to show to the Board and reported that the internet switch will be purchased by the library.

Holiday book sale — Dana and Silvia will take care of advertising and signup sheets for volunteers.  Setup will be Friday afternoon.  A small table in the lobby for book payments was suggested rather than in the community room itself due to the Holiday Maker Fair going on in the same room.

11. Adjourn 7:55 pm.

Next meeting: Dec. 3, 2018