Minutes – October 1, 2018

(as submitted)
October 1, 2018

Members present: Dana Petersen, Amy Welden, Anne Benson, Koko Smith, Laurie Webster, Tulli Kerstetter

1. Call to order 7:03 p.m.

2. Minutes from previous meeting as emailed were approved with the following change: “shade sales” should read “shade sails” under Librarian’s Report.

3. Guest requests — none

4. Proxy/ email votes — none

5. Correspondence — none

6. Financial Report – With the only transaction of $50 to Brad Goodell Fine Art for the donor plaque on the picnic table, the current balance as of September 30 is $10,614.79. Laurie announced that she had made a mistake going back to February which resulted in an error of $100 being carried forward. Laurie said she wrote the petty cash check for $100 for the bake sale out of her own account rather than the Friends account (and which she is willing to donate). Additionally, the check to the library for the Navajo poets was for $200 rather than $400 as stated on one report. Laurie redid all reports from January through August as “Revised”. The September report was approved, along with the others labeled as “revised”. (Read report here.)

7. Librarian’s report — Lee was not able to be present so no report was given.

8.Old business
Books on sale in the library — Joan emailed the Board that she is up to date on sorting books in the zircon.

9. New business
Updates on a storage shed for snowblower and gasoline — Lee had told Tulli previously that he had not heard from Heather Alvarez on the library’s request to put a storage unit at the library for the snowblower. He would make another effort to contact Heather.
Upcoming presentations this fall. For current projects of library staff, see the library’s website. Dana asked if maybe some Friends could volunteer for the Halloween party on the 31st from 5-6, since Lee would not be available. She also requested help with the food being served at this event, namely chili and cornbread for 20-30 kids. Dana and Koko offered to make chili and Laurie will make some cornbread.
Slate of officers — Amy and Dana may try to set up an online renewal and payment program for Friends members, but some programming difficulties may need to be overcome. Dana suggested waiting until the Grange’s system is up and running smoothly before an attempt is made to set one up for Friends. A suggestion was made that a Friends Board member be allowed to make a plea for members/membership renewal at library events.

As of tonight, the new slate of officers was approved as follows: Anne President, Koko First VP, Amy Second VP, Tulli Secretary, and Laurie Treasurer.
Halloween party at library — (see above under “Upcoming presentations this fall”)
Holiday book sale — Friends will put on a holiday book sale. The date has been set for Saturday December 8 for the Holiday-maker Fair and Book Sale, time still to be determined. Setup could be Friday afternoon or early Saturday morning, which will be determined at the November meeting.

On another subject, Dana announced that a power surge from Empire Electric in August had knocked out an internet switch in the library, which resulted in an expensive repair of $1500. This money had to come out of Dana’s tech budget. She also stated that it would be helpful to replace the LCD projector (8-9 years old) in the community room with a flat screen tv (smart tv) and a good sound bar, which could stream programs and movies without using a computer with the pull-down screen. The current system, however, could still be used as backup. The Board voted to authorize up to $1500 for this new equipment as well as any leftover funds being used to offset the cost of the new internet switch.

10. Adjourn 7:57 pm.

Next meeting: Nov. 5 , 2018

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