Minutes – October 2, 2017

Members Present: Dana Petersen, Koko Smith, Silvia Fleitz, Tulli Kerstetter  (Not a quorum)

I.   Call to Order: 7:12 pm

2. Minutes of previous meeting.  Approved as sent out previously.

3. Proxy votes  – none

4. Correspondence – none

5. Financial report — none

6. Librarian’s report – none

7.  Old business

Englehart cards – Koko will go to ABC this week to check up on cards supply, display area, and funds collected, and report back at next month’s meeting.  Dana said Maggie Goodell is the new Visitor Center manager and may be interested in selling the cards and possibly prints at the center.

Donor table plaque  – update on plans. Silvia said Brad Goodell is willing to do the plaque and is donating his labor.  He has obtained the necessary materials and is awaiting the list of names from Silvia.  He will then present to Friends his idea for the plaque and an estimate.

8. New business

Slate of officers – confirmation based on any individual term limits

Tabled due to lack of a quorum.  Silvia no longer wants to be an officer if Friends can obtain new members willing to serve.  Suggestions for attracting interested parties included putting a notification at the front desk in the library, and/or sending out an email specifically asking for members willing to be on the board.

Wrap-up discussion on  bylaws review and Friends to donate to library projects in lieu of loan reduction.

Per Laurie’s email, the board agreed to word the donation requested by Lee to help pay down the loan to be “for operations” rather than just “reducing the debt”.  It was agreed that $5000 will be made available to the library this year although it is unclear at this time when Lee has to receive the funds.  Lee will get in touch with the board about this matter, which will then need to be voted on, probably via email.

Bear-proof dumpster discussion.  Tabled until Lee returns.

Dec. book sale – 12/9 with setup after 3:30 pm on Friday the 8th.  Need to reserve the room ASAP.

Dana confirmed reservation for half of the community room for the book sale as well as possibly by the fireplace in the main library.  Koko suggested especially placing any children’s books in the community room where the children will be involved in the holiday-maker fair.  Dana will advertise the book sale with her holiday-maker fair flyers and notifications.

On another matter not on the agenda, Dana brought up the Friends year-end membership drive letter and the library’s end-of-year donation drive.  The board should be thinking of what should be written in our portion of the fundraiser letters that will go out to Mancos residents.  Shari Dunn will be writing up the library fundraiser.  Dana commented that both the library and Friends are 501c3’s so donations to both organizations are tax deductible.

Adjourned at 7:53.

Next meeting: Nov 6, 2017