Minutes – October 4, 2021

(as submitted)

Members present: Cathy Seibert, Ilga Vise, Anne Benson, Tulli Kerstetter, Miriam Dunbar, Amy Welden, Koko Smith

1. Call to order at 4 pm

2. Minutes from September meeting as emailed – Miriam moved to approve the minutes and Cathy seconded. All approved

3. Guest requests – none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes – none

5. Correspondence – none

6. Financial report – Laurie, unable to attend, sent the report to board members, and Anne read the report to all in attendance (see report for details). An issue with an Englehart print cancellation was resolved with Dana’s help. Current account balances are $4224.02 in savings (with a $.53 interest payment), and $5578.21 in checking. Income on the statement include $250 membership donation (Connie Fox), 2 hat sales ($40), $275 donation from sale of a Pima Indian basket (Tom Vaughn), donation-box funds ($28.97), in-library book sales ($37.35). A payment of $2800 went to the library for the outdoor classroom and a youth program. Total balance is $9802.23. Ilga moved to accept the financial report, and Tulli seconded. All approved

7. Library Director’s report – Lee was unable to attend but hopes to get a report emailed to Friends soon.

8. Old business
Half Marathon food booth planning (Oct 16 – gunshot start at 8 am) – Anne will not be in town for the marathon, but there should be enough Friends members to help. Tulli volunteered to create a “toolkit” box of MFOL items for future marathons. A long discussion ensued about food items that may no longer be used due to Covid (peanut butter and jelly in jars, ditto cream cheese, which also eliminated the need for bagels), as well as the presence this year of a chuckwagon. Items retained and needed to be acquired and picked up by Friends were grapes, oranges, cookies, salty snacks, and ice for beverages. Cathy agreed to donate some trays with covers and a cutting board for future marathons. Tulli will again ask P&D for food and ice donations, and Anne and Amy will contact ABC for cookie donations. More preparations will be discussed via email as the date of the marathon grows closer.

Holiday book sale – Anne has not heard anything from the Chamber regarding holiday events, so the book sale issue has been tabled until November.

November meeting time and location – The community room is booked from noon to closing on Mondays for the foreseeable future. Therefore, should Friends change their meeting date to the first Tuesday of each month at 4, starting this November? After discussion of attendance conflicts of some members, Ilga moved to make the first Tuesday of each month the official date of Friends’ meetings as of November 2021. The motion was seconded by Koko. All approved. It was also noted that the issue of having to postpone Monday meetings due to holidays would be eliminated by moving to a Tuesday.

9. New business – none

10. Adjourn at 5:08 p.m.

Next meeting: November 2, 2021, in the community room.