Minutes – September 13, 2021

(as submitted)

Members present: Cathy Seibert, Tulli Kerstetter, Lee Hallberg, Miriam Dunbar, Anne Benson, Amy Welden, Ilga Vise, Laurie Webster, Erin Bohm

1. Call to order 4:03 pm

2. Minutes from August meeting – Miriam had a correction under Old Business regarding book donations. She had gone through half of the 12 boxes donated; two boxes were going to Better World Books, one box to the free shelf in the library, one box to the Mormon Church, and two boxes were tossed into the garbage. Anne moved to approve the minutes with the above correction, which was seconded by Miriam. All approved.

3. Guest requests—
Erin and Julie to discuss outdoor classroom status – Erin Bohm, children’s librarian, updated Friends on the status of the outdoor classroom as outlined on a rough map (see map attached for details). She noted that many items have been completed, thanks to donations by Brett LeCompte of Swallow’s Nest Builders, Jim Silvestri, Steve Underwood, and Mo Evergold. Remaining parts of the project include benches for adult caregivers (crafted by Mike Huber), a nest on the floor for children, blocking off the culvert, and one or two wheelchair/stroller accessible pathways. The Mancos Conservation District is establishing a longterm plan for river access which would include the library area, so funds may be available for some of the classroom construction that still needs to be completed. Laurie suggested that if Erin needs further funds from Friends, that she and Lee should make a request with a particular project or projects in mind. The whole classroom hopefully will be completed in two years. Laurie handed Lee a check for the remaining funds that Friends had previously approved for the classroom ($2000 total, of which $500 has been used).

Midge and Jenni request for funds to support youth programs – $800. Email from Midge and Jenni, supported by Lee, to Friends was In reaction to the attempted teen suicide by two Mancos high schoolers (no details forthcoming). Lee reported that community resources responded but did not discuss motives behind the attempt. Midge and Jenni wish to draw teens together to discuss issues that concern local teens, because many feel the library is a safe space. They wish to provide food, and conversation with experts if needed. Amy moved to approve the $800 request, and Ilga seconded. All approved.

4. Proxy/e-mail votes – Half Marathon Liquor License – Anne had sent out an email on the 17th of August in request from the library for a liquor license for the Half Marathon. Laurie seconded Anne’s move to approve the funds. All approved, and Laurie wrote the check to the library on the 17th.

5. Correspondence – none

6. Financial report – Laurie reported no change in savings from last month ($4222.96) and no revenue brought in this month. Payments were made to Amy for ice cream at the social ($21), SOS filing report fee ($10), $100 for Half Marathon liquor license, gear lending library donation ($1000), Tulli for hat embroidery ($117), and postage stamps ($11). Checking account balance is $7728.01, with a combined total of $11,950.97. Tulli moved to approve the report and Miriam seconded. All approved.

7. Library Director’s report – Lee gave an oral report as follows:
American Recovery Plan Act grant has been received for $5000, Buell Foundation request for $10,000 has been submitted, and now applying to Onward! for $3000 to fund Friday programming for next semester. Receipts for the outdoor classroom have been submitted to Growing Readers Together, funded by the State Library. Erin and Lee have developed a series of Fridays programs when there is no school: Science in the morning, literacy or arts or crafts in the afternoon. No lunches will be provided but the school will provide funding for Powerhouse Science and arts/crafts supplies. The Creative District has supplied funds for the gear lending library, along with Alpacka Rafts, which will be enough to purchase a shed for gear storage. The shed could be placed behind Mancos Common Press. Lee is also working with the town board to fund same but so far none are forthcoming. Ed Whritner hopes to make the gear lending library a project-based learning program, and eventually have students run the program in the future. The next hurdle is getting enough gear organized and inventoried and into one space (gear is now stored everywhere). Erin and Jenni are in the process of providing 20-30 books in middle and high school classrooms that can be checked out without going to the library. Erin may resume storytime that was canceled due to Covid restrictions. Josh is doing a great job with organizing the Half Marathon, and is close to $10,000 fundraising for the library. He will meet with Lee to determine food items and maybe a chuck wagon and what they wish from Friends vis-a-vis food for the runners. A silent auction with the Half Marathon is possible and will be discussed with the library board. A new tech person from Cortez, Kira Taylor, is now on board. Numbers from the county indicate that the budget is up again despite cuts to the assessment rate.

8. Old business

Book donations – Miriam? Miriam is at the library every week to sort book donations after the library goes through them. The donations seem to be of better quality lately, with fewer books tossed into the garbage. The library is accepting fiction only within the last two years of publication, with nonfiction longer in duration if still relevant. She ordered more boxes for Better World Books.
Trivia Night – Anne advocates tabling til January for Friends
Hats – Tulli brought 13 hats recently embroidered and ready for sale. Lee reported that there is just one left over from the last purchase. Anne will advertise them online.

9. New business

Cowboy Half Marathon (October 16) – Friends will probably do runner food as before. Lee will email Friends with what he and Josh feel is needed. Lee will get more volunteers, as several Friends board members may not be available to help.
Election of officers– Slate: Anne President, Koko First VP, Cathy Seibert Second
VP, Tulli Secretary, Laurie Treasurer. Motion to approve the slate was made by Ilga and
seconded by Amy. All approved. Cathy feels she can use Excel for a new list of members
for each calendar year.

10. Adjourn at 5:27 pm.

Next meeting: October 4, 2021