Minutes – September 8, 2014

(as submitted)

Members Present: Dana Petersen, Lee Wilson, Laurie Webster, Silvia Fleitz, Lee Hallberg

  1. Call to Order: by Lee Wilson 7:12pm
  2. Proxies:
    1. Electronic votes or communications: none
  • Minutes of previous meeting: approved as read.
  1. Correspondence: Laurie updated our status with the Colorado Secretary of State.
  2. Financial report: presented by Laurie. View the July-August 2014 financial statement here. Total Balance of accounts is $7667.75. Laurie reports that Holly Cruser wanted to know how much was specified for landscaping from previous fund raisers. Laurie tabulated that we have $1639 of money that was raised specifically for landscaping. Lee H. will coordinate with Holly on how this money will be spent.
  3. Librarian’s report: see below. Volunteers are needed in the library for re-barcoding, landscaping/weeding, light replacement, etc.
  • Projects Summary
    1. Stanton Englehart sales: We are down to one 12-pack at Absolute Bakery. When that is sold we will start putting 8-packs there. Silvia proposed that the signed prints price possibly be lowered and that new venues are found for selling posters. Dana feels that the signed posters, being limited editions, should stay at the price of $150 for one and $275 for two. Durango Christmas Bazaar, outlets in Durango that have Englehart art displayed, Ebay were all discussed. Extra volunteers would be needed to do this. We also will need to get the posters and cards back on the website.
    2. Sculpture recognizing donors: tabled until next meeting. Laurie and Silvia will look at some rocks.


  • Old Business
  1. Slate of officers: President-Lee Wilson, 1st Vice President-open until filled, 2nd Vice President-Dana Petersen, Secretary-Silvia Fleitz, Treasurer-Laurie Webster. The slate was approved. We will continue to work on recruiting a 1st Vice President and additional volunteers.
  2. New Business
  3. Holiday Book Sale: This will be on Sat. Nov. 15th, Friends-Only 9am, General Public 10am to 3pm. Set up will be on Fri Nov. 14th starting at 1pm. We are also looking for venues to give away books. Local thrift stores, Ecocycle in Boulder, For Pet’s Sake sales, and courier books to a library program that gives books to families or libraries in need were mentioned.
  4. Adjourn 8:05 pm. Next meeting will be Monday Oct 6th at 7 pm at the library. All are welcome!

Librarian’s Report


  • North End landscaping (Outdoor Classroom) is 85% completed with installation of the mushroom display. Still need to spread gravel around beehive (new enclosure is now up), install identification plaques for everything, and weave earth loom (OA Group will do).
  • Preliminary certification is in from the County & shows no change from last year – hopefully this is an indication of the end of the recession and we will start seeing increases in the coming years.
  • Fundraising dinner @ Olio’s last night was a success, raised $900 for the library and was a great opportunity to speak to the current needs.
  • Kate Kearns has accepted a job with the Early Learning Center but will continue to work at the library as a substitute. Currently advertising for a Youth Services Lead.
  • Almost all after school programs are back in full swing, Outdoor Adventures will start up again in October and Science Friday’s will resume again this Friday.
  • EBSCO databases have been very well received, Charlene trained 4 classes on their use last Friday.
  • Still looking for volunteers to help with various projects around the library – re-barcoding, landscaping / weeding, light replacement, etc.
  • Implementation of the Strategic Plan has been moving forward but faltered slightly with resignation of Youth Services Manager.
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