Minutes – September 9, 2019

(as submitted)

Members present: Miriam, Amy, Anne, Tulli, Lee, Koko, Laurie

1. Call to order at 7 p.m.

2. Minutes from August meeting approved as emailed.

3. Guest requests — none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes
Donor plaque — materials cost for new plaque approved
$ for 10th anniversary celebration — approved $100 for food and decorations, and $150 for entertainment.

5. Correspondence — none

6. Financial Report. Laurie reported no expenditures in August, but that deposits and donations were up for the month. Deposits included funds from the donation box, Englehart card sales, in-library book sales, memberships, financial donations from the Bechtel family, Andrew Scherffins, and Harold and Darla Welty, and an Amazon Smile payment. Total funds on hand for the end of August were $10,000.13. The financial report was approved.

7. Librarian’s Report. Lee reported that a lot of programs are slated for September (see report for details), the Library Board is still finalizing a strategic plan, and that the library retreat (sponsored in part by Friends) was a great success. Lee has also made decisions concerning the new storage shed as follows: It will be set on two-inch bricks, be 8×12 in size, cost $2395, and can be set up in about 20 days at the current location of the donor picnic table. Good news about the budget is that there will be $15,000 more in county taxes for the library, hopefully for staff benefits. Lee also announced a $10,000 grant from the Buell Foundation to support early literacy. And staff member Kathy is now back on light duty after an injury.

8. Old business
Library building 10-year anniversary — Set for Sunday the 15th.
Review of agenda, what’s been done, and what needs doing. Anne and Amy reported on their progress (See Anne’s Schedule of Events and 10th Anniversary). Midge has gathered speakers, there will be a sheet cake from ABC ($100 for full sheet and decorating), ice cream, urns of coffee (airpots), lemonade, white tablecloths. $73.20 was spent for a banner and poster from Pioneer Printing. Food will be served in the community room only, with kids’ activities in the kids’ rooms. Videotaping Herb and Beth concerning their involvement in the old library will take place on Saturday. Anne suggested that funds may be needed to provide more than cake for those who must remain all day at the festivities, and suggested Rose Sabido might be approached to provide food for them (about 15 people). Koko offered to contact Betsy Harrison about this matter, as Betsy shops for Rosa; otherwise sandwiches from P&D will be purchased (suggested not to exceed $100).
Trifold printing – Pioneer Printing 100 = $84. On another matter, concerning Friends fundraising discussed last month, Anne reported that 100 copies of the trifold flyer will cost $84.
Storage shed for snowblower and gasoline — $2395 for the new shed was approved (see also under Librarian’s Report).
Replacement donor plaque cost & installation location — see above under proxy/email votes.

9. New business

Discuss slate of officers for October meeting. Members present decided that the terms of all current officers are good for at least another year.

10. Adjourn 8:04.

Next meeting: October 7, 2019