Minutes – December 3, 2012

(as submitted)

December 3, 2012

Members present: Lee Wilson, Laurie Webster, Linda Bellush, Bob Seney, Silvia Fleitz

1. Call to order: at 7:15pm by Linda Bellush

2. Proxies: None.

3. Minutes of previous meeting: Approved as read.

4. Correspondence: Thank you note from library board and staff for Friend’s support. An email vote was taken on a motion to increase the funding for the library fundraising mailer to $1540 (a $40 increase). The motion was approved. An email vote was taken r.e. a motion to give the library $100 to purchase a book on the history of the Navy in memory of Clay Bader. The motion was approved. Laurie has given checks to the library for these approved items.

5. Financial Report: presented by Laurie, total balance all accounts $5142.96, approved as presented. Laurie requested permission to obtain a debit card on FOL accounts for online transactions. Motion made by Bob, Linda seconded. Motion approved. Laurie, Linda, and Silvia on the cards. New signature cards were signed. Laurie asked FOL to find out who has the key for the safety deposit box. If there is no further need for the box we will cancel it.

6. Librarian’s Report: see below.

7. Old Business:

a. Outlets for selling posters/cards: Silvia to talk with Cortez Cultural Center and follow up with Anasazi Heritage Center. Linda reports that Durango Arts Center would only sell cards and they keep 50% unless a membership is purchased for $40/year, then they keep 40%. It was agreed that this may not be something FOL wants to pursue. Laurie will check with the Mesa Verde gift store. Linda suggested an add in the Durango paper advertising the posters. No action was taken yet.

b. Holiday Book Sale: We will need a price list, updated membership list. We will purchase cookies and provide coffee for members. Flowers will be purchased. Laurie will provide a cash box. Gwen has put a sign up sheet for volunteers in the library, Silvia is doing PR.

8. New Business: none.

9. Miscellaneous Business: none.

10. Adjournment: at 8:10pm. Next meeting will tentatively be held on Jan 7th at 7pm at the library. If there is no pressing business, we may postpone this meeting until Feb. 4th. Executive committee will communicate by email r.e. this.

Librarian’s report – 12/3/12

Fall Open House & Quilt Auction – although the turnout was low, the auction still earned $1150 in quilt sales & $50 in donations for the library! Thanks so much to Friends for all the help & goodies, I hope everyone had a good time.

The bulk of the letters for the fundraising mailing have been sent (as of today!), all that remains are those that had errors which will be amended and sent this week. We have already started to get a response. Thanks to all that helped, it was a formidable project and took a village!

Pedestrian bridge is scheduled to be installed on the morning of December 11 – library parking lot will be closed during installation.

November Board meeting & 2013 budget approval will be December 7 @ 6 pm.

Donnalee from Lavenia McCoy Public Library (Bayfield) will be retiring in Jan., Sherry Taber (previous Director from Durango) will be Interim Director until replacement is hired. Unsure of how this will effect our relationship with Bayfield at this point.

December slow for programs due to Holidays, calendar is now available.