Minutes – April 1, 2019

(as submitted) Members present: Koko Smith, Silvia Fleitz, Amy Welden, Holly Cruser. Laurie Webster, Dana Petersen, Tulli Kerstetter

1. Call to order by Koko at 7:06 in lieu of President Anne who was unable to attend.

2. Minutes from March meeting — approved as emailed.

3. Guest requests — Holly Cruser updated information on the prepaid April plant sale and showed another display board as well as the hand-outs for day lilies (40 on yellow paper) and iris (25 on lavender paper). Both of these instructions will be copied by the library to hand out to buyers. Friends needs to set up for the pre-sale on the 11th (see Holly’s 2019 Library Plant Sale instructions for details). At least 100 plants will be available. Holly said she wondered if there would be plants that other folks would like to have on offer at the same time, but Board members felt this would be too confusing. Holly suggested another signup sheet for getting plants to owners in mid-May. Laurie will put the cash box in the usual place she does for book sales since she will not be available for the pre-sales. Holly’s email: holly_terra@msn.com, phone no. 970-533-7046.

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence — Friends’ Jersey Jim night is July 13 (Saturday). Dana will discuss with Friends the dates for the auction of said night at the next meeting.

6. Financial report — Laurie put $7000 into savings, rather than a money market account, for easy transfer of funds. Income included an Amazon Smile payment, donations, Englehart card sales, in-library book sales, and memberships to total $11,175.53. Dana reported that four Englehart posters have just been purchased and will appear in next month’s financial statement. Report approved.

7. Librarian’s report — no report due to Lee’s absence.

8. Membership report — Amy reported that Friends has 65 total active members since May 2018. All agreed that Friends should promote membership at all of its sales.

9. Old business

Plant Sale preparations — see above under Guest requests.
Storage shed for snowblower and gasoline — tabled due to Lee’s absence.
Replacement donor plaque cost & installation location — tabled due to Lee’s absence.

10. New business

Phone system funding – Shari secured a grant for $3,300 but more is needed. Update by Dana: Shari obtained a $2500 grant, but $3380 is still needed to fund the total system of $5880. The new system will include 10 new phones, a new switch, and installation of the whole system. Kosh Solutions will install the VOIP system (through internet service rather than phone line). An added bonus will be increased internet speed at the library. The whole system can be installed within a month after approval of funding. Friends approved $3380 for the new phone system.

11. Adjourn at 7:55.

Next meeting: May 6, 2019

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