Minutes – April 6, 2015

April 6th, 2015

(as submitted) Members Present: Lee Wilson, Lee Hallberg, Dana Petersen, Silvia Fleitz, Carolyn Smith, Laurie Webster

I. Call to order: At 7:15 p.m. by Lee Wilson.

II. Report of Proxies: None

III. Minutes of previous meeting: The March meeting was cancelled due to weather. Feb 2nd minutes were approved as read.

IV. Confirmations of electronic votes/communications: Silvia received an email from Patricia Burke r.e FOL joining an Economic Summit at the Mancos Community Center on April 18th. Lee Hallberg states he will be attending to represent the library and Dana will represent FOL.

V. Correspondence: Laurie received a letter from the Mancos Days organization committee regarding various levels of donations. Dana moved to contribute $50 so that our FOL Book Sale will be on the events calendar and Silvia seconded. Motion passed. Laurie will send in a check.

VI. Financial report: Presented by Laurie for Feb/March. Financial report can be viewed here. Total balance all accounts is $7,612.04. The report was approved as presented.

VII. Librarian’s report: Lee H. reported that the library will have no change on the income from the county tax assessment from last year. Therefore the library will need to move ahead with a mill levy request for the 2016 election. He will need help from FOL and will also be forming a task force for this. The library has hired Dana Petersen as technology manager, she will start June 1st. Therefore, we will have another officer position open! Lee is considering hiring a landscaping company for the summer and will come to FOL for money for this at a later date.

VIII. Projects Summary
A. Stanton Englehart cards sales: The Anasazi Heritage Center just sent a check for $135 so they have started to sell our cards again. Laurie will check with them about supplies at the end of the month. Lee W. reports a few card packs have sold at the Absolute Bakery and Carolyn will be taking over this connection.
B. Library Book Bags: Lee H. reports that a few more have sold. They will also revisit the Books for New Moms program and use the bags as a give away for this.
C. T-shirts: Laurie W. has suggested a t-shirt with the Aspen leave logo as a fund raiser. We will continue to explore this idea and maybe have some ready for Mancos Days.

IX. Old Business
A. Bench to honor landscaping donors: Lee H. has been contacting local artist for bids.
B. Valentine’s Day Bake Sale: a total of $639 for baked goods and $245 in memberships was brought in for a total profit $884.69.
C. Vacuum Cleaner: Lee H. purchased a Sanatier Big Boy Vacuum for the library which is a commercial grade and cost $453.18 It is working extremely well and is much appreciated by the staff. These funds were provided by FOL.

X. New Business
A. Lee W. turned in her resignation for the office of President. She will be moving to Grand Junction by the end of April. Carolyn Smith will move from 1st Vice President to President until we can recruit some new officers. The 1st Vice President position will remain open for now. Lee Wilson has served us well over the years and will be greatly missed!
C. Lee W. suggested that we use color coding for our book sale shelf to weed out older books and donate them. Lee H. will talk with Linda Bellush regarding this.

XI. Next Meeting Date: May 4th, 2015 at 7 pm. All are welcome!

XII. Adjourn: 7:57 pm