Minutes – August 1, 2016

(as submitted)

Members Present: Silvia Fleitz, Amy Welden, Tulli Kerstetter, Carolyn Smith, Laurie Webster, Dana Petersen

I.  Call to Order: at 7:08 pm

II. Minutes of previous meeting: corrected minutes were approved.

III. Proxy Votes: none

IV. Correspondence: The Executive Committee voted by email to approve spending $40 for Moose and More ice cream for the Friends Ice Cream Social on 7-28-16.

V.  Financial report: presented by Laurie. See full report here. Total balance all accounts is $6061.46. The report was approved as presented. View the report.

VI.  Librarian’s report: Dana reports that Lee is working on filling the open staff positions.  Lee Hallberg was presenting to the Mancos school board this evening about the mil levy ballot issue to seek their support. View the report

VII. Old Business

A.   Mancos Days Book Sale: $734.66 in books and memberships. It should also be noted that the Mancos Library Book Cart Drill Team won the non-profit category which garnered a $150 prize for the library! The team was comprised of library staff and Friends members.

B.   Englehart sales: Laurie reported that her connection at the Edge of the Cedars Museum has moved on to another job. She will make an attempt to connect with the new person. Carolyn will check in with the Absolute Bakery regarding sales there.

C.   The picnic table/bench project and Friends donation box were tabled.

VIII. New Business

A.  Landscaping news: Dana reports that our landscaper is planning to work with card board and mulch to try to decrease the bind weed.

B.  Say Yes mil levy committee: Tulli will suggest to the committee that they do a post card for a mailer that is succinct. The Friends will be asked to participate in door to door campaigning.

C.  Mancos Valley Balloon Festival: it was generally decided that the Friends will not have a booth this year due to not enough of our main volunteers will be here that weekend (Sept.23-25) and would prefer to lend the support of our volunteers to the Say Yes committee at that time.

D.  Amy reviewed with us the new membership forms and how to fill them out. There was discussion regarding lapsed memberships going back to 2006. We will move them (last renewed 2006-2010) to a separate file and consider doing call lists to reach out to them.

E.  Amy brought up having a way to identify Friends when participating in events such as a button or T-shirt. Tulli stated she could easily make buttons and has done this before. She will check with Lee to see if any of those are remaining. It was decided that the Friends will investigate providing the library with Mancos Public Library T-Shirts and possibly Hoodies to sell. Dana reported that there was some interest in the Aspen Leaf design from patrons. Laurie suggested getting higher end book bags/totes made of canvas. She also pointed out that Brad and Maggie Goodell are doing this type of work, Laurie will ask them about doing some products for us.

IX. Adjourn: at 8:07 pm. Next meeting: Sept. 12, 2016 at 7pm at the library. All are welcome!