Minutes – January 6, 2020

(as submitted)

Members present: Koko, Anne, Amy, Tulli

1. Call to order 7:05

2. Minutes from December meeting as emailed — approved.

3. Guest requests — none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence — Anne read a thank you note from Dana, now living in Lyons, Colorado.

6. Financial report — Anne presented Laurie’s report figures in her absence, reporting that Friends has a current bank balance of $5961.28 (see Report for details). Deposits due to Amazon Smile account, and renewals/new memberships. A withdrawal of $2039.19 was made for the annual library year-end mailer. Amy estimated that five new memberships may have been obtained. Amy asked: should Friends promote donations through City Market as does the choir? It may be a good place to acquire additional donations. The Financial report was approved.

7. Librarian’s report — Lee was unable to attend and therefore there was no librarian’s report.

8. Old business

Great Decisions Funding — Tulli explained why Lee asked Friends for the total funding amount for this program. He stated that in an ALA bulletin, there was a comment about library’s supporting programs that patrons may not be able to afford. Therefore, he asked that Friends fund all of the cost of the booklets required for the program. If anyone who is already in the program wants to reimburse Friends for their copy, they can make out a check to Friends for that amount (last year it was $15).
Buttons/Aprons/Hats/bags — (swag!) A discussion ensured as to just what Friends should do to promote itself as an organization and acquire more donations and members. If we want to identify ourselves, will badges or buttons be sufficient? Large name tags were put forth as a quick and cheap way to achieve same. But if, for instance, at the Half Marathon, something splashier and maybe more attractive to potential donors would be necessary. Miriam had texted Anne about purchasing bags with a Friends logo. She had contacted Maggie Goodell about a logo, but there is a huge variety and sizes for said bags, along with prices to match. Tulli stated that a bag would not be visible at our larger venues such as the Half Marathon, where we are on display before far more people in our food tent for runners than at our book and bake sales. The Board members present decided on doing hats for now and to see what happens with those. An order of ten was approved, based on an Amazon order of $9.80 for two hats each in five different colors (royal blue, charcoal, khaki, black, purple, w/ white as second choice if purple not available). Tulli reminded Friends that there is a $40 one-time setup fee through Brand Central, with each logo embroidery costing $9. With the hats at around $5 apiece, Friends could make about $6 on each hat, either as a fundraiser or a promotional or both. All approved Tulli ordering the hats through her Amazon Prime account, with Anne creating a suitable logo to be embroidered on same — hopefully in time for the Valentine’s Bake Sale.

9. New business

Valentine’s Day Bake Sale (Friday this year). Anne will produce a signup sheet in February. The sale will repeat last year’s organization, i.e., setup the day before from 6-8 p.m., with sale hours of 8 to 5 on Friday. Flyers need to be created and distributed. Anne will email notification to prospective patrons, while Silvia hopefully will be willing to once again contact the bakers. Laurie may be around this year with the cash box?

10. Adjourn at 8:03 p,m.

Next meeting: February 3, 2020