Minutes – January 7, 2019

(as submitted)
Members present: Wayne Wooley, Laurie Webster, Anne Benson, Amy Welden, Tulli Kerstetter, Dana Petersen

1. Call to order at 7 pm

2. Minutes from previous meeting — approved as emailed.

3. Guest requests — none

4. Proxy/e-mail votes — none

5. Correspondence — none

6. Financial report. — The major item of withdrawal in December was $1659.87 to Southwest Printing for the annual mailing, which was nearly $1000 less than in prior years due to streamlining. Four deposits were recorded of $210.22 (memberships, donation box, in-library book sales), $523 (holiday book sale profit, cash advance for book sale, memberships),$1820 (end-of-year donations and memberships), including $1000 from one person, and $110 (Absolute Book Collection). ABC also sells books online for Friends. The current balances are: $9588.47 in checking, $257.07 in savings, for a total of $9845.54. Laurie discussed moving some funds into a Hifi account. The interest earned, however, is still low, at 0.1%, so is it worth it to open this new account rather than just transferring funds (maybe up to $8000) from checking into savings? All agreed that Laurie should transfer into savings as much as possible while still retaining sufficient funds in checking to cover eventualities during the year. Laurie has already left the cash box money for the bake sale at the library since she will be away for that sale in February.
Dana announced that the new tv system for the community room will be installed on the 13th of this month.  (Read report here.)

7. Librarian’s report — none, due to Lee’s absence.

8. Book Store Report — none, due to Joan’s absence.

9. Old business

Storage shed for snowblower and gasoline — Tulli updated Friends on a discussion she had with Lee about buying a larger shed than 6×5 (if there is sufficient space) since a small shed really doesn’t allow for any room for new tools or machinery in future. Dana suggested finding a shed with hinged doors instead of sliding ones for ease of entry. Tulli will look again online for same and report back at February’s meeting.
Replacement donor plaque cost & installation location — tabled until next meeting.

10. New business

Holiday Book Sale Review — Laurie reported $298 in actual book sales, and $125 in memberships.
Valentine’s Day Bake Sale prep. Valentine’s Day is Thursday this year, but the room had been reserved by another organization. Dana will get in touch with those who have reserved it already and see if a change can be made. All agreed it may be wise to reserve the community room as early as possible next time.

Amy suggested doing something flashy or more noticeable with the table in the library that has Friends’ cards, etc. to attract customers. She will investigate and report back next meeting.

11. Adjourn at 7:36 pm.

Next meeting: Feb. 4, 2019