Minutes – March 4, 2019

(as submitted) In attendance: Lee Hallberg, Anne Benson, Miriam Dunbar, Joan Brindamour, Koko Smith, Tulli Kerstetter, Laurie Webster, Holly Cruser,
1. Call to order at 7 pm
2. Minutes from January and February meetings–approved as emailed.
3. Guest requests
Holly Cruser: plant sale to benefit Friends. (see proposal). Holly has put on two prior sales in 2012 and 2014, which netted $1200 and $800 respectively for Friends. The plants are bare-root daylilies and irises from Holly’s nursery. Friends’ responsibility would be to post ads early, stressing the award-winning nature of the plants. There would be a pre-season sale based on Holly’s picture board display in mid-April and pickup of the actual plants in mid-May. The proposed cost would be $5.00 per plant (or buy 2, get 1 free) with 80% to Friends. Holly will need one volunteer to help her with pre-sales. A table in the foyer was suggested for pre-sales. Dates for this event are as follows: April 11-16, 3-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, noon to 3 on Saturday. Lee will work up a flyer and PSA this coming Monday. The spring book sale will be canceled in lieu of the plant sale, as it did not make that much money given the amount of work it takes to set up. Holly’s number is 533-7046 if anyone needs to get in touch with her.
Shari Dunn: adult programming (add honorarium?) — Lee expanded on Shari’s request in Shari’s absence (see Shari’s statement) requesting $200 to host Benton Yazzie for an afternoon workshop on sand painting. There will be no reception, but his work will be on display at the library. No date has been set. A separate program on a separate date for a talk about his story will be in addition to the workshop. An honorarium for this separate talk of $75 was proposed. A total of $275 was approved, and Ann will notify Shari about Friends’ approval.
4. Proxy/e-mail votes – Friends approved via email Julie’s request for $300 to offer a Science Matters in America program with the Summer Reading Program.
5. Correspondence — Laurie discussed a letter from Mancos Days Association looking for sponsors and donors. Friends agreed to once again decline to participate. Joan will make sure Friends’ book sale is listed in the advertising for Mancos Days (end of July).
6. Financial report — savings and checking for January-February total $9895.54. Since Laurie has been back in town, however, she has deposited at least $1500, which includes the proceeds from February’s bake sale and membership renewals (see below under New business). $7000 was put into savings. The financial statement was approved. See attached.
7. Librarian’s report– several programs are upcoming through March (see report). Lee explained passive programming that Kathy Graf is involved with (projects on a small scale). Year-end donations are still coming in ($8595 so far) but are a bit lower than last year. Lastly, Lee discussed the streaming video options the library is investigating and concluded that Kanopy seems to be the best option (over Hoopla), since it presents itself as streaming for educational organizations as well as requiring no fee for showing content to a larger audience. See attached.
8. Old business
Valentine’s Day Bake Sale recap — Laurie reported that Friends made $847.50 total, with $350 from memberships and $497.50 in actual sales from baked goods. All were amazed, given that there were fewer baked goods available, and the weather inclement.
Storage shed for snowblower and gasoline Tulli estimates around $1200 for a 10×8 shed with concrete floor. Lee will look over the shed information and pricing that Tulli got online and report back to Friends.
Replacement donor plaque cost & installation location — tabled due to Silvia’s absence.
9. New business
Spring Book Sale – mid April or May 4 — Holly Cruser’s flower sale has been substituted (See above).
2019 Half Marathon – Date is June 22
Mancos Days Book Sale promo — discussed earlier.
Mention Navajo Poets program – April 27, 2 pm. Balance needs to be paid.
A final note from Koko: ABC needs more Englehart card sets, and she has not yet picked up the money from the sold cards.
10. Adjourn at 8:05.
Next meeting: April 1, 2019

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