Minutes – March 6, 2017

Members Present:  Koko Smith, Laurie Webster, Amy Welden, Tulli Kerstetter, Silvia Fleitz.

I.     Call to Order  7:10 p.m.

II.   Minutes of previous meeting read and accepted as read.

Membership report:

III. Proxy Votes — none.

IV. Correspondence — none.

V.   Financial report.

Laurie revised her December report again to reflect $5251.76 balance. $6595..32 total for Jan-Feb. report.  Expenses = $1300.  Deposits = 2643.56.  Biggest deposit of $1177.65 was from bake sale ($499.15),  memberships ($340), book purchases from a new fellow who lives in Durango and does online book sales ($238).

Motion made, seconded, passed to approved financial report.

VI. Librarian’s report.  None (Lee absent).

VII.        Old Business

a.   Englehart cards — need more packets.  Koko will check to see how many packets are left and get some more packets over to ABC. Koko stated there was an  Engelhart display at Durango Art Center of women portraits running currently until the first week of April.

b.   Book storage update — no report (Lee absent).

c.   Debrief Feb. Bake Sale —  Shorter hours and fewer baked items seem to account for the fact that Friends didn’t make as much as in prior sales.

Amy’s report on membership drive during Bake Sale:  3 new members.  There are 115 names on an old list, but among those, only about 55 members are current.  Silvia bulk-emailed about member dues but Koko suggested another bulk email reminding folks of the April book sale and member dues.  Also, at the time of the members-only book pre-sale on April 1, maybe we can gain more renewals.  Laurie had 18 renewals during the bake sale.  Amy also brought up T-shirts as fundraiser to identify Friends as Friends.  Maybe buttons (“Ask Me About being a Friend”).  Tulli will make these buttons to keep with bake sale and book sale items to identify Friends as workers and solicit new members.

d.   Tulli’s update on bearproof trash can search online:  Will wait until Lee returns to decide which model the library will prefer.

VIII.      New Business

a.   Donor Bench plaque — Silvia hasn’t gotten updates yet.

b.   Spring book sale (April 1).  April 1 is a Saturday.  Dana and Silvia will do flyers and advertising, Laurie cash box, Silvia signup sheet for volunteers.  Members only pre-sale will start at 9 (9-10) before the sale.  Setup on Friday from 1-5; 10-3 main sale; 3-5 teardown.  Koko will talk to ABC about buying/donating some baked goods for the members-only pre-sale.  Friends authorized up to $50 for coffee and baked goods.

c.   Mancos Cowboy Half Marathon (FOL tasks / donations).  Koko donated $100 to be in the marathon 5K last year and will do another donation  for herself and J.C. this year.

d.   Mancos Days Chamber pamphlet ad for our book sale on the same day (Anne Benson as contact) — Friends will address this next month.

e.   For future business:  two nights for Jersey Jim.  Auction needs to be set up at a future meeting.

IX. Adjourn at 8:03 p.m.

Next meeting: April 3,  2017